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At the beginning we want to show you some explicit examples:

The OFGS Broccoli Trial

The story of Lone Kronemann, the five-time danish Gymkhana champion

Enormous grain weight increase

Penac P compared to sulphur treatment

Penac speeds up the growth of young vines

Penac Cream works miracles on animals

Since we have been using PENAC T we have reduced the
anti-biotics to virtually nil

Penac-T cures dehydration and
diarrhea in calves

Pruime en appelkose




OFGS Broccoli Trial

Trial Environment
Climate during trial months: cold, rain
Water supply: Dripper irrigation
Soil: Karoo / South Africa
Penac product used: Penac-p, once 200g

Excellent root and plant development with an increased number of hair roots.
Penac-p was applied once as foliage spray.

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Lone Kronemann, the five-time danish Gymkhana champion uses penac

Lone Kromann, five-time Danish Gymkhana champion, has been using penac in the horse’s boxes for the last four years. She applies it one to two times a week on the floor of the boxes thereby eliminating the strong ammoniac smell which has a detrimental effect on the respiratory systems of the horses.
During the ”fly season”
penac-k prevents the breeding of flies in the boxes. Only the swallows don’t like this very much.
During the long drives with her horses to tournaments in the neighbouring countries,
penac-k is used within the horse’s box. Result – the horses do not have to inhale the ammoniac smells and arrive fresh and fit at the tournament. The horses and dogs of Lone Kromann have now also been receiving penac-t over their feed for quite a while and it seems to stabilise their digestion and to increase their vitality. The coats of the animals shine much more. Mrs Lone Kromann has used the penac cream on Mauke, one of her horses, after an injury. With daily applications the injury had healed completely within one week.
penac-kat is being used for better water quality. Also the taste of the water has improved notably confirms Mrs. Kromann. Now the penac-p will be used in her grazing pasture since she is very satisfied with the penac products.


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Better corn quality through penac-p

Our Mrs. Sabel conducted this trial for a farmer.  While the field stayed untreated she sprayed the headland with penac-p. The dosage was 1g penac-p in 5-liter water, applied with the back sprayer to an area of 250m2. Application in March, May and July (NB March in Germany = September in South Africa). Before these treatments in February (August) penac-k was applied to the respective area: 10g to 5l water applied with the back sprayer.
The grain of the left heap came from the penac treated headlands, the right from the middle of the field. The treated grains have a carat weight of 49.00, on the right (untreated) of 36.78.

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Treatment rapport on organic endives with penac, compared to sulphur treatment *

Purpose of the treatment:
Avoid moisture and rot during and after cultivation.

Length of the experience:
3 weeks
Two groups of endives roots from a same  share were placed in plastic baskets
One part (Group A) was treated with sulphur added to the water.
The other part (Group B) was treated with penac-k and penac-p instead of sulphur

After 1 week, the endives from the
A group have an average size of 4 cm, while those from the B group have an average size between 5 and 6 cm.
The leaves of the endives treated with sulphur were burnt at the ends, but the penac treated group were not. At the end of cultivation, endives from the A group were partially rotten, but those from penac group (B) were fit to eat.

Development of endives:
Group A , the development was like a flower form, turn to the outside,
Group B (penac), endives have a closed form.

On the same surface, we can normally get 8 kg endives, but with the penac,
we get over 1 Kg more

When using penac avoid using sulphur or copper
Endives are  of good quality (no rot, closed) and the weight of the harvest is higher, without fungicide.

*admitted by the rules of organic growing

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”Penac speeds up the growth of young vines”
Mr. van Niekerk - wine farmer

In 1997 I bought some penac-p from Pierre Martin. The Chardonnay, which I had planted did not have very good growth shoots.  After I sprayed them with penac-p, the growth improved notably and thereby gave good healthy growth shoots.
Thank you for the product.  I am extremely satisfied with it.

By way of this letter I would like to share something with you regarding penac-p, which I have used on young vines.   There was no problem with the vines, but I wanted to speed up the growth, because I wanted to apply the “kierie” method after the first year.  After I sprayed the first section once, there was still some remaining in the tank.   I then sprayed 6 rows for a second time, until the tank was empty.
After about 2 weeks, the 6 rows, which had been sprayed a second time, stood head above shoulders over the rest of the vines.  I carried on using the mixture, and can honestly say that penac-p improves growth.

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”Penac Cream works miracles on animals”
Mr. P. Hugo - stud farmer

Mr Pieter Hugo had a problem with one of his prize Arab horses. The horse was injured and developed Keloids (a thickening of the flesh). This condition was not treatable by the veterinary surgeon. Mr Hugo started to treat the leg with penac Standard. After three weeks of treatment the horse’s leg was back to normal. The veterinary surgeon remarked that he had never seen anything like this before.
Mr. Hugo now keeps a permanent supply of penac Standard Cream in the event of any horses being injured. A recently imported Arab, which has to be shown in one months time was injured a week ago. We are confident that with the penac Standard Cream treatment he will be ready for showing in time.

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”Since we have been using PENAC T we have reduced the anti-biotics to virtually nil”
Mrs. T - farmer

I have been using PENAC T for the last few months in both the piggery and with the rearing of calves.
I have been totally satisfied with the product.  We have been adding it to our weaner feed to prevent scours in the young piglets. With the young calves we have been giving them 5ml with their milk.


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”Penac-T cures dehydration and
diarrhea in calves”
Mrs. A. Graham - farmer

I was given a sick calf that was dehydrated and had diarrhea. I gave him 5g penac-t immediately and a further 1g thereafter. After only one day on 5g penac-t the diarrhea had stopped. I have not had a moment bother since keeping him on penac-t. Numerous people have commented on how healthy he and my other calves look. The labourers on the farm think I am a miracle worker and bring all their sick animals to me. I have used it on dogs, calves and pigs with the same excellent results.

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”Pruime en appelkose”
Mrs. Louis Groenewald - farmer

Doel: Werking in vrugte-verbouing
Resultaat: Louis het gedurende Augustus ’99 3 hektaar pruime en 6 hektaar appelkose se grond met penac-k behandel.  Die pruim-vrugte is ook gedurende die seisoen met penac-p behandel.
Resultate by die pruime was nie so goed nie, omdat die winter nie koud genoeg was nie.  Sy opbrengs het verminder vanaf die vorige jaar – vanaf 8,500 kissies tot 2,000 kissies. Grootte van die pruime het wel verbeter – vanaf A in ’99 tot AA en AAA in 2000.
Die appelkose waarvan die helling suid loop, en kleigrond het, het die volgende resultate gehad.

1. Een hektaar Super-Gold – 600 kissies in ’99 en 1,200 kissies in 2000.

2. Twee hektaar Imperial (klipgrond) – 600 kissies tot 1,200 kissies.

3. Een hektaar Grandir (klipgrond) – 200 kissies in ’99 tot 400 kissies 2000.

4. Een hektaar Soldonnes – 300 kissies tot 600 kissie in 2000.

5. Een hektaar Bebeko – 300 kissies tot 800 kissies in 2000.

Die gemiddelde groottes het gewissel vanaf medium in ’99 tot large 2000.
Mrs. Groenewald is van mening dat die produk goed is, maar hierdie jaar nie so suksesvol teen witroes was nie as gevolg van weerstoestande.

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