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Penac-P Plants

Penac-G Slurry

Penac-K Kompost

Penac-T Animals

Penac KAT

Penac-W Water





Penac-P Plants


Apple-Fireblight 10-98

Biol additive in grass silage 4-99

Broccoli Penac9-99

Christmas roses 7-99

Cloister Neustift 7-99


Summer barley 4-99

Tomatoes 8ha 2-2000

Wheat Charts English

Wheat Elim

Wheat Kommersiele English

Wheat Tygerhoek English

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Penac-G Slurry


Healthy Liquid Manure698

Manure Dams 7-97

Slurry and Air in Stables




Penac-K Kompost


Benefits of penac-k  1-97


Compost worth weight in gold

Flies revised 12-98

Soil development- land 7-99

climate in broiler growers

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Penac-T Animals


Cattle-Dairies Calf Fattening 8-99

Dairies Report Swellendam 6-99

Horses - Sartai Lithuania

Horses Hanovarian14 August

Horses Letter 7-98

Horses Report Bedding 8-98

Horses Report Traber 8-98 (eng)

Horses Stud Farm Sartai Lithu

Pigs Litauen mother sows 7-99

Pig manure korea 1-200

Pigs SalmonellaSweden11_98

PIGS Vet_Journal798

Porcus editorial

Test-Rosenberg Agri-Husb 7-99






Cattle-Dairies Penac Kat&T 8-99

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Penac-W Water


Albi fruit juices 6-99

Brewery Plank Brewery 7-99

Drinking Water 5-99

Kat Kronprinz 7-99

Lime in Geyser 6-99

Man made lake 10-99

Water - WILDERKS 3-98


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Ecology&Farming Org.Conver Costa Rica3-2000

Organic Article FinanicalMail3_2000 (Spiers)

Organic Aims 2-96

Organic Article 5_99

Impulse to save nature 698

Plocher Vertriebs co profile

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Beoretroos 2 Going more organic

Cows dairy flyer498

Editorial Transvaal PPA 13_7_98

Gen Regeneration of Nature 4-99

Impr.soil,crops,meat,water 6-98

Impulses to regenerate nature

OAASA 8-00

SA Genus 8-99

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