Organic Farm & Garden Supplies (Pty) Ltd. with its main product range penac consisting of eight basic products which cover the whole spectrum from

water - to soil - to plants - to animals - to waste

All these products are absolutely non chemical and non toxic.
They are ideal in conventional farming as well as in organic farming.
They fall under the rules and regulations of all organic associations and certifications bodies, and they are an absolute must in the conversion from
conventional to organic farming.




Organic Fertilizers


The most advanced development in fertilization using only a maximum of 2 kg/ha. These fertilizers, as all our products, comply to the EU-regulations 2092/91.


Anti fungi and pests

More and more so called organic products come onto the market. In many cases they are either not totally organic or do not represent a total range. To satisfy the need in conventional as well as in organic farming for safe, totally organic pest and fungi deterrents, we in Organic Farm & Garden Supplies searched for effective and harmless components, developed and tested a range of 14 products which will satisfy all needs: This is our N range.
Now you can spray today and harvest tomorrow or use these products on
animals or in the house.

Please read the discriptions hereafter.



Donít overlook this page!!!
Others means interesting and valuable indivdual products for animals, farming,
home and house, humans and water.
The products we choose can either solve certain problems and/or enhance quality of life.
New products can appear from time to time as well as old products can be taken off.
This is due to our constant search for valuable new products which comply with modern applications