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PENAC-P  Soil & Plant Conditioner
enhances the germination of seeds and stimulates growth at all levels by balancing the activities of the plant and the soil; provides strong anti-fungal effect. The plants are more resistant to all environmental influences. PENAC-P is effective where plants grow, in the forest, on the land, in the garden, or with pot plants.

PENAC-KAT  Holistic Water Vitalisation
Spring water from the tap! Lime residuals can easily be removed without electricity, magnetism or chemicals. All mineral components remain in the water - little space required - no installation costs - natural energy - ecologically sound - long-term experience

PENAC-G  Liquid Manure & Slurry Treatment
Slurry and manure in pits and dams tends to block the pipes leading to the pits etc., solidifies and develops a crust (often covered by grass). Penac G will prevent or rectify these problems by stimulating a strong aerobic bacterial activity. Pathogenic (anaerobic) bacteria are eliminated, the slurry in the canals stays liquid; no ammonia and other harmful gasses. Excellent healthy atmosphere in the stables and a top quality liquid fertilizer.


PENAC-T  Conditioner For Animals
Is a natural feed supplement based on calcium carbonate which begins its manifold positive effects in the intestines/rumen. It has the ability to regulate/balance disturbed ph, acidity and bacterial life forms. As grazing animals i.e cattle, sheep and horses, animals preferring moist food like pigs, ducks, geese etc. receive dry concentrates their digestive system falls totally out of balance resulting in numerous problems as e.g. stressed animals, ulcers, poor feed conversion, lesser weight gain, poor performance and production, anaerobic intestinal contents and manure. Shortly after introduction of penac-t on a daily basis continous improvement of the animals whole metabolism can be noticed.

PENAC-K  Compost & Manure, Soil  Enhancer
Compost: Enhances the aerobic micro-organisms in the production of compost from animal manure or vegetable matter. Fertile organic compost without pathogens within one month. No smell of ammonia or other offensive odours.
Manure in stables: Dry, no ammonia, no respiratory and eye infections - but healthy and happy animals.
Soil: Activates soil organisms which accelerate decomposition of organic matter thus increasing humus and water retention capacity; the re-established cycle of soil organisms combat soil and plant pests and re-establish optimum soil fertility.

PENAC-W  Water (Three products)
Penac W Surface Water facilitates the natural regeneration and stabilization of all dams, vleis, ponds, fish dams and rain water reservoirs. Algae is reduced and the anaerobic activity is eliminated, thus stabilising the water and reactivating all aquatic life.
Penac W Ground Water liberates the entrap-ped oxygen in the molecules, thus showing the same activi-ties and effects as above.
Penac W Waste Water eliminates nutrients from sewerage plants, run-off water etc., and eliminates sediments of silt in dams.

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