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1) AFFORDABLE  DESALINATION  of sea and brackish water

No external power needed - sun is the only source of energy. Easy to install, maintanance free with a life time of more than 20 years.  But you need space - 20 x 10 m produces over 2000 litres of drinking water daily. Smallest size provides 20 l/day.

Finally DESALINATION becomes a viable solution

a substrate for biologically inactive soils. Ideal for quick lasting improvement of soils to the desired carbon levels, water retention, microbial life and to prevent compaction and further erosion.
Developed in Germany. We will bring the production to South Africa to offer you lowest prices.

3) Reduction of high CYANIDE levels
and other acids in effluent waters (gold mines).
Our scientists are working on a solution. Present situation:
First run gives already 40% clean water

4) Chance for NETWORK MARKETING or similar
A range of natural energized (the big difference to other products) products from Germany for household, humans, pets, plants and water. Contact us for more details