General Information about our products



General Information about our products
The ESA products are biological fertilisers designed to physically improve the condition of the soil and to aid plant growth. ESA products regenerate the biological life of the soil and improve the quality of subsurface water resources. Continuous research for the nutritional and microbiological needs of many plant species was conducted over more than 20 years at various Universities, Bacteriolocal and Agricultural Research Centres in different countries such as e.g. Argentina, Germany and Italy.
Only natural materials were used.
The ESA product range supplies the correct organic fertilizer for the individual annual, perennial plants, trees and shrubs as well as special transplanting products for seedlings etc. ESA products meet the requirements of EU regulations on "organic farming", no. 2092/91 and are of course equally suitable for traditional agriculture.


    1)       To secure the farmers future on his land
    2)       To reduce costs and make profit#
    3)       To produce healthier and more nutritious end products
    4)       To increase shelf life
    5)       To reduce health risks for farm workers and consumers
    6)       To increase the value of the farms

Identification and characteristics of ESA Biological Fertilisers
ESA Biological fertilisers are composed of only natural ingredients. Some of the contents: potash, phosphor, magnesia, trace elements, microorganisms, amino acids, chelates, natural plant hormones and vitamins. The products contain the before mentioned constituents in varying degrees of concentration, but always in minute quantities. Their specific mixtures depend on the target crop. Different to conventional fertilisers ESA products are applied in extremely small quantities as they are designed for "low-input" agriculture and their application is measured in grams per hectare.
By using ESA products, the "law of the minimum" is taken into account: "even if numerous nutrients are available in large quantities, the plant’s growth depends on the availability of the nutrient with the lowest occurrence".
Besides their unique composition all ESA products run through a special process of energization thus increasing their effectiveness considerably. During this process further beneficial information (if needed) can be added without having to use additional ingredients.

Carbon Levels
To be able to work successfully with these innovative fertilizers it is important that a minimum amount of carbon (not less than 2%) is available in or on top of the soil as the ESA products contain very important life bacteria and the carbon is needed to sustain their life and re-build humus, water retention and soil fertility.
Should there not be enough carbon available, one of the most effective ways of restitution is the planting of certain green covers during the dormant phases. These green covers – or green manure - not only protect the soil surface from erosion, evaporation of water and destruction of the very important soil microbes (this is why it is wrong to burn the fields after harvest) but most important re-supplement the soil again with carbon, nitrogen, minerals, vitamins – with other words: everything a good soil rich in humus and fertility needs.
Leaving all plant residues on the fields and, where available, adding compost will contribute significantly to regenerate the soil. Warning: Never put raw manure on your soil – it is too sharp and will kill most of microbes, earth worms which then take quite a long time be rebuild again. Either use our compost starter or ESA Bioactivator on the field or in the composting process. This way the ‘bite’ is taken out and turned into a slow realease non agressive fertilizing product.   
Should for some reason all this not be possible it is permitted to use in the first few years a certain amount of chemical fertilizers to guarantee the desired yield. But this way it will of course take longer to re-establish the desired healthy, fertile soil. A possibly desired conversion to organic farming will therefore also take longer.

Constituent materials contained in the ESA products
The ESA products contain constituents, which are obtained or produced from natural raw materials and processes such as biological fermentation only.

Constituent materials are:

    ·Patentkali (K)
    ·Soft soil raw phosphate (P)
    ·Micro trace elements
    ·Growth regulators
    ·Mycorrhizas, alghae and fungi
    ·Nitrogen fixing micro organisms
    ·Amino acids - vitamins

Most of the basic constituent materials are present in the products but quantification and concentration may very. Each constituent nutrient carries out well-defined functions, either by itself or with other compounds, affecting the growth of the plant.

Product Safety
‘human health, food and environment
ESA products do not contain antibiotic resistance makers, no genetically modified  materials, no mixtures of microbial and chemical substances, no non-sterile peat based products.

ESA products are low-input biological fertilisers requiring one to max. four kilos per hectare depending on the crop variety, the size and weight of the seeds as well as the density of plants. ESA products do not contribute to the eutrophication process in dams, lakes, rivers and underground water as experienced through chemical fertilisers. (Tests in Germany have shown that the leaching water from fields, where a prelevant type of these fertilisers were used, fulfilled all stringend requirements for drinking water.)

There are no special safety precautions to be taken when using ESA products.



OFGS ESA-Products



The Esa-Bioactivator is a biological soil activator and generator. It is designed to optimize the conditions and the environment for the different aerobic microbes which form part of the biological fertilizers.

Detail description
Esa-Bioactivator is a soil activator specifically designed for the use with the Esa-Bio products. It is based on natural hyperphosphate patentkali and mycorrhizae with principle contents of K, P, Mg and Ca. Esa-Bioactivator is there to prepare the optimum conditions. The components of Esa-Bioactivator are derived organically and comply with the EU, IFOAM, SGS, Ecocert etc. demands for organic farming. They stimulate a regenerative process of micro structural levels and bacterium in the soil. The process of humification is accelerated in order to obtain humus. 
No product contributes more to the re-establishment of a healthy fertile soil. Additionally: Esa-Bioactivator is energized enhancing their properties. . 500g Esa-Bioactivator is sufficient for a max. of 10.000m² (1 ha) of soil per year.
Main functions
Stimulation of bacteriological life in the soil
Improvement of the processes of humification
Improvement of the edaphon
Increase in the fixation of soil nutrients and refurbishment of mycorrhizae to the soil



Esa-Biofert regenerates our soils’s biological life - a biological fertilizer designed to improve the physical condition of the soil and to aid plant growth and crop yields.

Detail description
Esa-Biofert regenerates the biological life of the soil and helps to improve subsurface water resources. For its production only natural raw materials are used. Esa-Biofert contains all nutrients, trace elements, amino acids, natural plant phyto hormones etc. A breakthrough in fertilization as only minute quantities per hectar (1-2kg/ha) are required.  ESA-Biofert is a seed dressing enabling the germination process and growth of the plant to the 3 to 5 leave stage. By that time, due the composition of ESA-Biofert, the soil around the roots is well prepared the supply everything the plant needs for its further grows. We are not fertilizing the weeds anymore. ESA-Biofert is also available in a variety of special transplant products ( seedlings, vines, trees etc.)  Esa-Biofert was designed to meet the EU regulations for  “organic farming”, no. 2092/91 but is equally suitable for traditional agriculture.
The producer claims germination rates of 96 – 98%.
Main functions
Greater leaf areas, increased photosynthesis
Better correlation between blossoms/crops
Increased nitrogen fixation in the soil
Stabilization of the soil pH



Esa-Biotree is a regenerator for biological life in the soil. It is a biological fertilizer and growth stimulant. It is derived from live and biological components (bacterium, enzymes, microelements proteins and vitamins.)

Detail description
Biological fertilizers consist of natural materials or elements. They include main nutrients such as e.g. potash, phosphor, magnesia, trace elements, micro organisms, amino acids, chelats, natural plant hormones and vitamins. Esa-Biotree contains the aforementioned constituents in varying degrees of concentration, but always in minute quantities. Esa-Biotree also regenerates the soil’s biological life.  Furthermore it acts as a growth stimulant. Esa-Biofert comes in granular form as a slow release fertilizer for arboreal cultures including vines, olives, fruit and nut trees. Different to conventional fertilizers Esa-Biotree is applied in extremely low quantities e.g. 2 grams per year for vines and small trees and a maximum of 4 grams per year for large trees. The basic needs of a plant are normally provided for by the soil, with the exception of nitrogen which is fixed through the atmosphere. Esa-Biotree supplies the root ends of the plant with nitrogen fixing elements needed for the development of the bacterial life of the edaphon. By using Esa-Biotree the “law of the minimum” is taken into account, (i.e. “even if numerous nutrients are available to the plant in unlimited quantities, its growth depends on the availability of the nutrient with the lowest occurrences”).
…an easy, cost effective way to apply ESA-Biotree



Background to the Applicator
Conventionally, materials, such as fertilizers, are provided to trees and plants by spraying either by hand or by various mechanical means. However, the known methods are cumbersome and have the disadvantage of not controlling the exact amount of fertilizer provided and of failing to allow the fertilizer to reach the roots of plants or trees where needed. The applicator, an agricultural application device developed and patented by OFGS, will assist you in overcoming these problems.

Designed for easy and even application to all perennials it delivers exactly one gram of mixed product per application. The applicator is also available for 2 to 5 grams. It is made of stainless steel to prevent excessive rust.
The application material may be fertilizer, seed, nutrients or any other agricultural or horticultural material and it may be in granular or liquid form.





Our biological foliar fertilizer Esa-Bioleaf is used during the season as logical
extension to Esa-Biofert and Esa-Biotree as well as any other fertilizers. It ensures the perfect nutrition of all crops during the growth of the plant, flowering, formation and maturation of the fruits, improving the sugar content. And not to forget the added natural energy.

Detail description
Esa-Bioleaf offers an optimal and rapid assimilation at foliar levels. It is a water-soluble biological fertilizer for foliage and root application, containing N, C, P, K, Mg, Ca and trace elements. Amino acids and peptides are used by plants for the biosynthesis of sugars, organic acids, proteins, enzymes and other substances, which are the basis of phyto-regulatory functions in plants. The amino acids are formulated to reinforce bacterial action and develop soil organisms. It is a foliage fertilizer, which contains biological nitrogen, biological carbon, phosphorus, natural potassium and manganese. Esa-Bioleaf energises the physiological activities, support and increase the azotobacter, actinomycetous etc., prevent and cure chlorosis and therefore improve quality of crop ( quantity needed:1kg per hectar).
Main functions
Strong fungicidal action
Energizes the physiological activities of cultivation in synergy with the other Esa products
Reinforces anti-parasite defenses
Supports and increases the activities of azotobacter, actinomycetous, fungi, algae and protozoa
Prevents and cures chlorosis
Increases the availability of macro and micro elements in the ground thus developing soil organisms
Improves crop quality and increases the sugar content of fruit
Furthers the action of Esa-Biofert or Esa-Biotree and therefore also improves the activity and size of the root system