The Situation

In a time where profitability in agriculture is diminishing so rapidly that soon it is not worthwhile or not viable anymore to carry on, one needs to look for the reasons.  There is absolutely no doubt that due to the so called “green revolution”, (funnily enough when the chemicals were brought into agriculture they called it the green revolution), first the natural balance was destroyed. Synthetics had the most detrimental effect on the soil condition, plant strength and resistance, the drastic reduction of minerals and nutrients in crops, the unavailability of natural homogenous and aerobic fertilizers, the contamination of ground water, our rivers and dams and even the sea. The enormous increase of pests and fungi are directly related to that fact. There is only one way for sustainability in agriculture and stock farming and that is to drastically reduce or where possible totally eliminate the use of chemicals. 

New ways had to be found but where and how? One started to look back. How was it before the chemicals? How did farmers work their land? What did they use as fertilizer? How much were they bothered by pests and fungi?  What condition was our soil in? How clean and vital was the water? Once one had come to that point one knew without any doubt which way to go. Many arguments will be, that there were much less people on this planet so it was much easier to feed them. That is true only to a certain extent. The first thing we have to understand that it is wrong to fight nature, we can never win and at the end, no matter what we do and even if we have destroyed that planet so that nothing grows anymore. Nature will have won. Nature has time, millions of years to revive itself but we don’t have that much time. So one of the most important things we have to understand is we can’t fight against nature, we must make use of it, and then you will have sustainability. How can we go back and still go forward? The idea was born and all we needed was to find the right way and means to work with nature and still increase profitability, yield, quality and health. Please read further and you will find out, it will become very clear to you.

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